Milano… As in cookies?


On Sunday, January 15th, was a day of Italian culture and adventure. As I traveled to Milan (Milano in Italian) on the train we went through Como, Italy (one of George Clooney’s residents) and continued to Milano. Upon arriving we toured some architecturally rich sections of both old and modern Milan and then proceeded to “Sforzesco Castle“. The castle was started in the 1300’s and has been an important Milanese monument since then serving as an important defense and cultural center. The castle is full of wonderful art, history, and gypsies… no seriously. The local scam was that the gypsies tried to tie a really cheap bracelet around your wrist for free after asking for a high-five, and then bugging you until you gave a “donation”. After carefully avoiding this for several minutes we left the castle and headed to a local antiques market, that operates on the weekends, which sells old books, paintings, and other memorabilia of times past.

Then I moved to the “Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II”,  the second modern shopping mall in all of Europe. Built in 1865, it allowed the upper class to shop and gather all of their luxury products and services in one place. If you like going to the mall you can thank the developers of this historical Wal-Mart, because although it was the second of its kind it was the first to really catch on. Today, it houses stores like Gucci, McDonalds, Prada, and Swarovski.

Afterwards we went to the Milano Cathedral (also known as “Duomo di Milano”), which happens to be the forth largest cathedral in the world and took almost six centuries to complete. Just walking in the doors transforms ones perspective of Milan and the history of northern Italy. The immense size is astounding!

After visiting the Duomo di Milano, a few other people and I sat down at a street side café and just watched people walk by for nearly an hour. The amazing thing about this is that nearly everyone seemed happy!

The following morning we made the trip north to Bellinzona, Switzerland with the director of CESA (Center for European Studies and Architecture), Daniela.

There we toured “Castelgrande” and “Castel Montebello”, which since 2000 has been considered an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Castelgrande was phenomenal! Wonderfully preserved, the castelgrande (and the other two castles) is a main focal point in Bellinzona, even today since that are situated on a central hilltop. The castles were made at a critical travel point in-between three main passes between the alps. These passes were critical to travel and trade throughout the early history of Europe.

Afterwards, we traveled down into Bellinzona and ate went cross the small valley and then climbed up to the higher “Castel Montebello”. The view was even more spectacular, but the castle itself was about the same.

Both days were amazing and wonderfully informative about the region in which I am living for the next few months.

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