Agriculture Buzz Word: “Food Security”

What is it?

When people say “Food Security” they are not talking about locking the door to the grain silo, but the “security” that a person has the food that they need to live a healthy life. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says the following: “Food security refers to a household’s physical and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that fulfills the dietary needs and food preferences of that household for living an active and healthy life.”

Why is it important?

Currently, worldwide about 925 million people (almost three times the entire United States population) are living in chronic hunger due to extreme poverty and up to 2 billion people lack food security on occasion due to seasonal incomes (most of the time related to farming seasons) and growing conditions according to the FAO.

This lack of nutrition can have a severe negative affect on global health!

The worst part about food insecurity is that as people become food insecure, they have less energy to invest in becoming more food secure, whether that is through increased agriculture production or other business ventures.

Think of what you would do/feel like if you did not know where your next meal was coming from? What about if your entire family did not have the food they needed to live a happy and productive life?

What can you do about it?

There are lots of organizations around the world that are attempting to increase global food security. For example, Feed by Seed (the organization that I manage) has a partnership with an organization based out of Somotillo, Nicaragua, where we help manage an 18 acre demonstration and research farm. Through these efforts we have been able to help improve agricultural productions techniques and yields, while also decreasing “hard labor” on the farmers of the region.

I would challenge you to first learn about different organizations who are fighting global hunger, and then think about what ‘you’ can do to help others be more food secure — no matter if it is in your hometown, or in Somotillo, Nicaragua.


One thought on “Agriculture Buzz Word: “Food Security”

  1. Currently living in an area of the world that has access to food from so many sources, it is hard to imagine living where there may not be access to food, health care, transportation, work, education, and housing. I have been personally exposed to many of those 3rd world countries and I have seen first hand how people live in shelters made from torn plastic thrown over sticks tied together with vines; where they only have access to health care when a missionary team provides that care and they stand in line to hopefully get beans and rice but they don’t have anything to carry it home in except for the worn out clothing on their backs.

    As a parent, I cannot imagine not being able to feed my children or to get medical care during a crisis. I cannot imagine walking miles to school every day instead of getting on a school bus or riding to school with friends. I cannot imagine being exposed to deadly disease originating from the only water available to drink.

    Food security is absolutely important to all of us but many never give it a second thought because they don’t have the experiences you have. Thank you for showing others the way and to see the rest of the world through your eyes that have not only seen but also go about doing on behalf of those who can’t do for themselves.

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