Community Mapping

Feed by Seed Community Map
(To find the image please just follow the link above)

In class on Friday of this past week Dr. Carlson discussed community mapping and challenged each of us to make a community map for a community that we were involved in. With this challenge on my plate, I quickly decided to do my project on Feed by Seed.

With Feed by Seed being a new organization this map still has plenty of room to grow and develop but seems to be a good start. It covers some of the main themes Feed by Seed is dealing with currently, but did neglect some of the minor details to save time time and space.

This assignment was helpful in helping me to see the “big picture” for the organization. With it being such new organization, with so much going on, it is sometimes hard to see everything that is happening.


One thought on “Community Mapping

  1. It’s a great start! And I’m glad that it the assignments here are helping you better develop your organization. There could/should be a practical application to all that you are learning here!

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