3 Days and a lot of numbers…

In the past 3 days, a lot has happened! I said goodbye to everyone at home, arrived in Zurich, Switzerland, completed 3 flights (by the way United airlines was horrible on 2 out of 3 of my flights and also lost my luggage), 4 train rides, and got moved into my new apartment in Riva San Vitale, (where I will be living for the next 3.5 months) and have already eaten my way weight in homemade pastas and fine cheeses.

Arriving in Zurich was much different that I was expecting. Having always been told that the Swiss people are very introverted, techonology-based, and strict, I was surprised to find Zurich was loud, somewhat flashy, and not near as cold as I expected. After meeting up with the rest of the group we headed off for the train station. The ride was beautiful and snowy at times. We transferred three times and eventually arrived in the small, but incredible town of Riva San Vitale. Then our group was given a tour of the villa Maderni (an elegant 3 story 18th century building) which is the home of Virginia Tech operations in Switzerland. I have to note that this building was the center of the Republic of Riva San Vitale, an extremely short-lived country that was declared in the early 19th century that lasted a mere 25 days before being overtaken by the Swiss-Germen authorities.

I then went to my apartment which is about a three minute walk away, through gorgeous narrow alley ways. After moving my stuff in, exploring for about forty-five minutes, and a wonderful traditional swiss dinner, a group of us then bought some fresh Gruyere cheese and played cards until midnight.

Today seemed to come quickly. As soon as we all arrived at the villa we started a couple hour long orientation and then had a spectacular pasta dish for lunch (which I had four servings of). Later today we plan to take a walking tour of Riva with Danielle, the director of The Virginia Tech Center for European Studies and Architecture and finish the day with a few more hours preparing for the rest of the semester.

More to come soon!


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2 thoughts on “3 Days and a lot of numbers…

  1. I am anxious to see photographs of Riva San Vitale and the surrounding area. It probably didn’t take very long for you to move into your apartment, given your luggage was being enjoyed by others somewhere on the planet but good pasta makes up for a lot of things.

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