About Me

As a sophomore at Virginia Tech dual majoring in “Applied Economic Management: Community Economic Development” and “Agricultural Sciences” with a focus in ”Leadership and Social Change” and “Crop and Soil Science”, I hope to continue using my strengths to work in the field of global agricultural education and development to fight world hunger and poverty.

Having grown up in rural southwest Virginia on a small farm, I am very passionate about agriculture, its importance in society, and the continual education process needed to maintain agriculture production for the future. Now at the age of twenty, I have started a non-profit organization called “Feed by Seed” which strives to make advancement in the fields of global agriculture education, development, and advocacy (The starting of this organization was help made possible by the generous support of the Pamplin family and University Honors at Virginia Tech).

All of my respect for agriculture came from my father, Gary Larrowe, and The National FFA Organization. Starting out as an FFA member in the 8th grade at Carroll County Intermediate School, to serving the Virginai FFA Association in 2009, to being selected as a 2010 National FFA Officer candidate, to being a member of the first FFA GO: Africa program; the FFA has a very significant positive difference in my life and afforded me many perspective developing opportunities.

Being extremely blessed and having been supported by my friends and family, I have traveled to roughly 23 different countries to experience: culture, food, agriculture, diversity, poverty, hunger, beauty, and people. All of these experiences listed above have contributed to my current perspective on life without a doubt. Now, I am just looking for how I can uses these experiences to help others improve their quality of life, especially  through agricultural and economic development.


Your Thoughts?

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